InfiniCLOUD HDRP Beta, Volumetric clouds & particles 1.1 

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插件名称:InfiniCLOUD HDRP Beta, Volumetric clouds & particles 1.1插件官网:访问官网
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InfiniCLOUD HDRP Beta, Volumetric clouds & particles 1.1

InfiniCLOUD HDRP Beta, Volumetric clouds & particles 1.1

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Requires Unity 2018.4.5 or higher.
InfiniCLOUD HDRP is a volumetric clouds system for the new Scriptable Render Pipelines in Unity, with focus on HDRP pipeline.
The effect is globally compatible with all platforms and SRPs and supports both desktop and mobile platforms. 这种效果与所有平台和srp都是全球兼容的,并且支持桌面和移动平台
InfiniCLOUD HDRP是一个体积云系统,用于Unity中新的可脚本渲染管道,重点关注HDRP管道
- Volumetric clouds that can be used in HDRP, LWRP (or URP) and Standard pipelines
- Volumetric ground fog or top down view clouds using the system in below camera mode
- Dual layer possibility for up and down clouds
- Rainbow shader
- Volumetric lit particles module, for effects like smoke and round planet clouds
- Lightning system, with randomized lightning spawn, target definition for strikes and lightning on clouds


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