Data Bind for Unity 1.17 数据绑定插件 

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Data Bind for Unity 1.17

Data Bind for Unity 1.17

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Requires Unity 2018.1.9 or higher.
It's always a good idea to separate your game logic and its presentation. So why not use a well-tested and clean approach to make the connection of the two for you? Unity的数据绑定为您提供了一个经过深思熟虑的体系结构,它使您的用户界面远离逻辑和其他方面。到目前为止,在大多数情况下不需要任何代码行就可以在UI中可视化数据
Data Bind for Unity offers you a well thought through architecture which keeps your UI clean from your logic and the other way around. This goes so far that you won't need any line of code to visualize your data in the UI in most cases.


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