Mtree - Tree Creation 2.2 树木叶子植被快速创建编辑工具 

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Mtree - Tree Creation 2.2

Mtree - Tree Creation 2.2 树木叶子植被快速创建编辑工具

Mtree - Tree Creation 2.2 树木叶子植被快速创建编辑工具 Mtree - tree creation系列索引:

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.4.3 or higher.Mtree是unity编辑器强大的树创建工具
Mtree is a powerful tree creation tool for the unity editor.
Upgrade from Mtree 2.1 to Mtree 2.2 is not Possible, requires an Fresh install

Compatible with:
Vegetation Studio & Vegetation Studio Pro
HDRP: 4.10, 5.16.1, 6.9.2, 7.1.5
LWRP: 4.10, 5.16.1, 6.9.2
URP: 7.1.5
Follow instructions inside the documentation in order to use Mtree in different SRPs.
Every game needs vegetation, and while there are numerous vegetation packs for sale on the asset store, nothing beats the usefulness of having total control over the look and performance of the assets.
Mtree will not only create beautiful looking vegetation, it will streamline your workflow by removing the need of modelling, unwrapping, importing your vegetation models from another software, and doing it all over again when you need to change a small detail. With Mtree, there will be less iterations over your models, and they will be quicker.
Mtree trees are made in unity, for unity, the material is right, the dimensions are right, and everything is simple.
Moreover, a good mesh is not enough in order to have a believable vegetation asset, you need a good shader, a good wind displacement solution, and vertex data to feed those; Mtree will answer every one of these needs.


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