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Out of the box solution for complex GPU Instancing.
-VR compatible. Works with both single pass and multi pass rendering modes.
-Mobile compatible. Works with both iOS and Android.-
Easy to use interface.-
Tens of thousands of objects rendered lightning fast in a single draw
call.- GPU frustum culling.-
GPU occlusion culling (also supports VR platforms with both single pass and multi pass rendering modes). -Automatically
configured custom shader support.
-Supports Standard, LW and HD Render Pipelines.
-Complex hierarchies of prefabs instanced with a single click.
-Multiple sub-meshes support.
-LOD Groups and cross-fading support (with animation or fade transition width) .-
Automatic 2D Billboard generation system (Standard RP only)
.-Shadows casting and receiving support for instances (frustum culled instances still can cast shadows).-
Ability to use custom shadow distance per prototype and to choose the LOD to render shadows with.
-Support for Floating Origin handling.
-Multiple camera support.
-Unity 5.6 support.
-Well documented API for procedural scenes and runtime modifications (examples included)
.-Ability to Remove instances inside bounds or colliders at runtime.
-Ability to extend with custom Compute Shaders.
-Example scenes that showcase GPU Instancer capabilities.

Prefab the Instancing Features:
- Ability to Automatically instance prefabs AT your SCENE that you the distribute with your Favorite Prefab Painting Tool.
- Automatically the Add-the Remove Prefab instances the without the any aditional code.
- Automatic Detection and Updating of the Transform position, rotation and Scale Changes.
- Full or area localized rigidbody and physics support.
-Nested Prefabs support (Unity 2018.3 and later).-
Add-Remove-Update prefab instances with or without instantiating GameObjects (examples included).-
Instance based material variations through API (similar to Material Property Blocks) .-
Enabling and disabling instancing at runtime per
instance basis.-API to manage instanced prefabs at runtime.
-Includes mobile demo scene with custom controllers.

- DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 and Shader Model 5.0 GPU (Windows, Windows Store)
-Metal (macOS, iOS)
-OpenGL Core 4.3 (Windows, Linux)
-Vulkan (Android, Windows, Linux)
-OpenGL ES 3.1 (Android 8.0 Oreo or later)
-Modern Consoles (PS4, Xbox One)

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