Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion 2.7.1 环境光遮挡阴影AO插件 

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Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion 2.7.1

Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion

Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
✔ Supports Unity 2019.x.
✔ Supports Unity 2018.x.
✔ Supports Unity 2017.x.
✔ Supports VR (Multi and Single Pass).
Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) is a post processing image effect to use in order to add realism to your scenes. It helps accentuating small surface details and reproduce light attenuation due to occlusion.基于地平线的环境光遮挡(HBAO)是一种后处理图像效果,用于为场景添加真实感。它有助于突出小的表面细节和再现由于遮挡造成的光衰减
HBAO delivers more accurate AO compared to the other SSAO solutions available on the asset store, and this without any compromise on performances.

This algorithm is highly optimized to use minimal GPU time and offers the best quality to performance ratio.
With Color Bleeding feature. HBAO is Gaia extension ready.
HBAO is compatible with both forward and deferred rendering, and artifact free with forward rendered SpeedTrees and foliage. Source code included in the package.
The effect is scalable in order to achieve the proper performances.

Scenes on videos and screenshots from Unity Technologies, other screenshots were generated with Gaia using BackWoods Gaming's terrain stamps, turboscalpeur's grasses and Kronnect's volumetric fog are NOT included in this package.


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