SALSA LipSync Suite 2.2.3 眼睛头部嘴唇情绪表情跟踪插件 

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SALSA LipSync Suite 2.2.3

SALSA LipSync Suite 2.2.3

SALSA LipSync Suite 2.2.3
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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.SalsLySyc V2套件已被完全重写,以提供更多的灵活性,更高的感知精度程度,以及更先进的动画技术为您的人物模型
The SALSA LipSync v2 suite has been completely re-written to provide more flexibility, a much higher degree of perceived accuracy, and more advanced animation technologies for your character models. Mix and match blendshapes, transforms, sprites, textures, etc. to create unlimited viseme and emote expressions. Expression components can now be reused within and across modules without conflict.


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