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a515b84e-a5b9-425e-8858-a18ca1bf7ed4.jpg Obfuscator Pro is developed to increase software and game security especially for games build with Unity3d.

It feature is to obfuscate built dotNet assemblies, like assembly-csharp and assembly-unityscript for Windows/Mac/Linux Standalone Games and embedded Systems like Android and IPhone. Other platforms are possible too, but got not tested yet.

Obfuscator Pro considers specific Unity features, like MonoBehaviour, NetworkBehaviours, Serialization, Reflection, and so on, to allow a easy and out of the box working obfuscator.

Obfuscator Pro features reachs from simple renaming:
– Namespaces
– Classes (also MonoBehaviour and NetworkBehaviour)
– Fields
– Propertys
– Events
– Methods

游客,本付费内容需要支付 25资源币 才能浏览支付

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