AQUAS 2020 1.1 真实水特效 

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AQUAS 2020 1.1

AQUAS 2020 1.1

AQUAS 2020 1.1
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AQUAS 2020 1.0.1  下载链接

AQUAS 2020 1.1.1  下载链接
Requires Unity 2018.1.0 or higher.
Welcome to AQUAS 2020!
AQUAS 2020 is the newest version of AQUAS. It comes with greatly increased ease of use, reworked shaders, full compatibility to the newest Unity versions and a variety of powerful new features.
AQUAS is a full-featured water system to simulate flat water for all types of platforms, environments and games. It is is highly customizable and feature rich to suit all needs and produce industry quality results.


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