Peek 1.1.5 编辑器增强工作流程优化工具插件 

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插件名称:Peek 1.1.5插件官网:访问官网
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Peek 1.1.5

Peek 1.1.5

Peek 1.1.5
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2018.4.6 or higher.
Peek takes the Unity editor to the next level with a collection of tools designed to improve your workflow.
⭕ Manual: Get started in 15 minutes with this quick overview.
⭕ Forum: Submit feature requests or bug reports.
⭕ Discord: Chat and ask questions to the community.

• Toolbars: Inspect game objects, components and materials with contextual toolbars without having to open the inspector. Available everywhere: in the scene, hierarchy and project window.
• Creator: Ctrl+Shift+Click to create new game objects directly from the scene. Browse or search for any primitive or prefab in your project with the fuzzy finder.
• Replacer: Mass replace multiple objects at once (Alt+R) with any other prefab or primitive.
• Tabs: Go full screen by maximizing the scene view (Shift+Tab or double-click) and tabs will appear to let you navigate your windows.
• Groups: Use Ctrl+G to quickly create an empty parent game object centered around your selection. Use Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup.
• Probe: Right-click to select any overlapping object behind the cursor with a clear menu.
• References: Use the magnifying glass to quickly inspect objects referenced from scripts without leaving the current inspector.
• Local Hierarchy: Hit Space with an object selected to bring up a hierarchy popup with its parents and children.
• Global Hierarchy: Hit Ctrl+F to bring up a global hierarchy popup that can search and select scene objects quickly.
• Sticky Drag & Drop: Drag references across objects without having to pin or lock the receiving inspector beforehand.


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