Third Person Controller - Shooter Template 2.5.0 

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Invector's Third Person Templates can help bring your game to life with a high quality  Character Controller that takes minutes to set up, we have a solid and highly  customizable template so you can focus on making your game unique.

⭐  Beginners will have a great learning curve with our several [ Tutorials] and [ Documentation], no scripting skills are necessary to create something cool
⭐  Advanced users will enjoy the  thousands of features we included and continue to include  over the past 4 years of development and support of our assets

Invector's [ Community] get's bigger every day with thousands of registered users and hundreds of daily visitations posting questions, helping each other or sharing their creations, integrations, and add-ons developed by users

✔️ Official [ Add-ons]: Looking for a specific mechanic? We have some cool add-ons!
✔️ NO DLL's: all Scripts are written in C # and open for modifications
✔️ Examples Included: different gameplay styles such as  TopDown, 2.5D, Mobile, Point & Click

-Shooter Behavior & Animations (Basic & Melee features already included) -Projectile bullets with trail renderer -Throwing objects with Trajectory system (granade, bottles, etc ..) -Optional Melee attacks for Shooter Weapons -Advanced damage based on distance & velocity -Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials) -Advanced Scope View -Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc ...-Particles, Sounds, Custom Bullets to emitt on attack -Archery System included -Advanced IK Adjustment System based on Weapon / Stance -Large number of customization to create different types of weapon
-Secondary Shot to create powerful weapons -Hipfire

-Melee Combat Behavior & Animations (Basic Locomotion features already included) -Use different MoveSets, Attacks, Defense, HitReaction and HitRecoil per weapon -Inventory Example, Collect, Drop and Destroy items -Simple Melee AI included as bonus ( For advanced AI, check our [ FSM AI Template ]) -Holder Manager -Different types of Potions to recovery health or increase health / stamina -Stamina Combat Based System (optional) -Lock-On Target System

⭐  the BASIC Locomotion the FEATURES
- Basic Locomotion Behavior and Animations
- Advanced Third the Person Camera System
- Sprint, Jump, Crouch and Roll
- Vault, Climb or StepUp Obstacles
- the Generic Action System to the Trigger the Simple Animations
- Ladder System
- Ragdoll System
- Footstep System
- Several Util scripts to help you develop your game
-Isometric, 2.5D Plaformer, TopDown, Mobile demo scenes are included
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