NWH Vehicle Physics 1.9.2 汽车辆仿真物理系统车轮控制器 

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NWH Vehicle Physics 1.9.2

NWH Vehicle Physics 1.9.2

NWH Vehicle Physics 1.9.2
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Vehicle physics package suitable for wide range of vehicles. Realistic, easy to use and heavily customizable.
Wheel Controller 3D, a custom in-house wheel solution, has been used for wheel physics while the rest of the system had been written from the ground up.适用于各种车辆的车辆物理包。逼真,易于使用和大量定制。车轮控制器3D是一个自定义的内部车轮解决方案,已用于车轮物理,而系统的其余部分则是从头开始编写的
General features:
• Fast vehicle setup with quick start video or included manual.
• Seven vehicle prefabs of different types are included: sports car, sedan, 8x8 truck, monster truck, tank, city bus and semi with trailer.
• Suitable for wide range of applications.
• Runs on both desktop and mobile devices.
• Uses custom in-house wheel solution – Wheel Controller 3D – for 3D ground detection and high level of customizability.
• Per-wheel surface detection based on terrain textures or object tags. Different friction curves and effects for each surface.
• Suspend option for inactive vehicles which minimizes impact on performance while keeping basic functionality.
• Character vehicle changer that works with any character controller / game object, including other vehicles.
• Helper scripts such as analog and digital gauge controllers, camera and vehicle changers, center of mass and downforce adjusters, etc.
• Multi-threaded ground detection. (Requires Unity 2018.3 or newer)
• Photon multiplayer support. (Beta)


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