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RPG Editor:ORK Framework 2.27.1
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RPG Editor ORK Framework 2.27.1

RPG Editor ORK Framework 2.27.1
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.ORK框架是一个大规模且高度灵活的RPG系统
ORK Framework is a massive and highly flexible RPG system.
This Unity editor extension allows you to create your own game without writing a single line of code. Set up your status system, characters, enemies, equipment and everything else you need in the ORK editor.
ORK has been available and in active development since 2010! 这个Unity编辑器扩展允许您创建自己的游戏,而无需编写一行代码。在工作编辑器中设置你的状态系统、角色、敌人、设备和你需要的一切
If you're not sure if ORK is for you, try out the free test version and go through the game tutorials to learn ORK's basics and workflow. You can upgrade from the free version to the full version without losing your settings!

Battle Systems
Battles are the core game mechanic of every RPG, where everything comes together. ORK Framework includes four different types of battle systems:
- Turn Based
- Active Time
- Real Time
- Phase
The different battle systems come with a wide range of settings to allow you to adjust them to your needs and can be switched at any time - you can even use multiple systems in your game. All four systems can optionally use battle grids to add a tactical aspect to your fights - see the Mission Grid Battles demo project for an example.

Event System
The node-based event system allows you to create cut-scenes and dialogues, animate your battles, add custom game mechanics and many other things. You don't need to write a single line of code, create what you want to do in a simple flowchart, node by node.

Other Features
Some of ORK Framework's countless features:
- Flexible status system
- Ability (skill) system
- Inventory system
- Equipment system
- Crafting system
- Quest system with automatic progress monitoring
- Battle and movement AI
- Menus, shops and HUDs
- Support for multiple languages
- Save games
- Factions
- Bestiary system
- Plugin system
- Gameplay related source code included
- More features ...


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