Easy Mobile Pro 2.4.2 广告内购服务通知共享插件 

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插件名称:Easy Mobile Pro 2.4.2插件官网:访问官网
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Easy Mobile Pro 2.4.2

Easy Mobile Pro 2.4.2

Easy Mobile Pro 2.4.2
Requires Unity 2017.4.1 or higher.
Easy Mobile is a many-in-one plugin that greatly simplifies the implementation of common-features-on-every-mobile-game such as advertising, in-app purchasing, game services, notifications, sharing, etc. Our vision is to create a standard package that is integrated in every Unity mobile game, taking care of all "necessary evils" so you can focus on doing the most important thing in game development: creating fun! Easy Mobile是一个多合一的插件,它极大地简化了每个移动游戏的常见功能的实现,例如广告、应用内购买、游戏服务、通知、共享等


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