Universal Shooter Kit:FPS, TPS, TDS 1.4.1 

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插件名称:Universal Shooter Kit:FPS, TPS, TDS 1.4.1插件官网:访问官网
版权协议:Red pine1.1解压密码:通用密码
Universal Shooter Kit:FPS, TPS, TDS 1.4.1
Universal Shooter Kit:FPS TPS TDS 1.6.1版下载链接

Universal Shooter Kit FPS, TPS, TDS 1.4.1

Universal Shooter Kit FPS, TPS, TDS 1.4.1 ecaa4e9f-79b4-4afa-a18b-664244d59542_scaled.jpg d017c872-67e2-4fa8-a744-368a9841e345_scaled.jpg ab7666c2-76d1-41aa-9e9d-5a6ce0e295c0_scaled.jpg a2424686-6802-47a0-82ef-68132bd26937_scaled.jpg 95a6a5b6-3c8d-404e-a597-01dde2536f4c_scaled.jpg 80cc1f66-fcb2-44ed-9691-e1f73443caa5_scaled.jpg 0f0a690b-25e4-4354-9a87-8cffc21ead7d_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.4.3 or higher.
The 1.4 version is the biggest update of our kit, please make a backup before installation.

⭐ This asset is designed for creating shooter games of any complexity. You can make first-person, third-person and top-down games.
⭐ It is specially designed in such a way that interaction with it is as simple as possible, thereby significantly reducing the time you need to develop your projects.
⭐ This asset has everything you need to create your game - look at the features list, screenshots, and videos


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