Lean Touch+ 2.0.6 

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Lean Touch+ 2.0.6

Lean Touch+ 2.0.6

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Requires Unity 5.6.6 or higher.
Lean Touch+ is an extension to the popular Lean Touch, adding a massive amount of new components and demo scenes. These allow you to quickly add touch controls to your game ― no code required! Simply pick the components you want, customize the settings, and enjoy consistent controls across Android, iOS, and Desktop!Lean Touch+是流行的Lean Touch的扩展,添加了大量新组件和演示场景。这些允许您快速添加触摸控制到您的游戏-不需要代码!只需选择您想要的组件,自定义设置,并在Android、iOS和桌面上享受一致的控制

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