Adventurer Aland 1.0 冒险游戏卡通人物模型 

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Adventurer Aland 1.0

Adventurer Aland 1.0

Adventurer Aland 1.0


Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher.
Price down! Original Price: 24.90USD
Adventurer Aland
He is humanoid mecanim rig set up. Note that no animation is provided in this package. The reason is because you can make use of Unity's Mecanim system to share any humanoid animations/ Maximo animations with this character. If you are not sure how to do this, do check out the Read Me document that we have included in the package. It's located in the Read Me folder. Textures are available in 4 colors. Total triangle count is 1825 tris. Weapon is detachable.他是人形机器人。注意,这个包中没有提供动画。原因是因为你可以利用Unity的McEnIM系统来分享任何人形动画/最大动画与这个角色
3rd person controller demo scene is included package. Demo scenes require Unity's free character pack and post processing stack.


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