DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.1.0 UI界面管理插件 

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插件名称:DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.1.0插件官网:访问官网
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DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.1.0

DoozyUI Complete UI Management System 3.1.0

DoozyUI Complete UI Management System 3.1.0 DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System系列索引:

DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.0.c0  下载链接
DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.0.c3  下载链接
DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.0.c4  下载链接
DoozyUI:Complete UI Management System 3.1.1  下载链接
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2018.1.9 or higher.
DoozyUI is a native Unity Editor extension that makes it easy to manage and animate professional User Interfaces – without having to know how to code. Beginner friendly and scalable, DoozyUI is suitable for anything from amateur developers to professional software and games studios.
Managing and animating an UI used to be something only experienced developers could do. Thanks to DoozyUI, now everyone can create a native Unity UI on their own. Whatever your skill level, DoozyUI’s powerful editors gives you full creative control – without needing to write a single line of code. And, if you’re into coding, you’ll find a professional API ready to go.


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