POLYGON MINI - City Pack 1.01 卡通多边形迷你城市建筑模型 

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POLYGON MINI - City Pack 1.01

POLYGON MINI - City Pack 1.01

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卡通多边形迷你城市建筑模型 a113c4ba-c2c6-4217-a720-d3a0fc7f6bfb_scaled.jpg 13ad27b6-0d6f-4929-8ebd-7ec0f0c76051_scaled.jpg 60c0656f-f73d-49b2-aaa8-c3afb5d73204_scaled.jpg 499ae8ca-6ab5-41b2-95cc-9d66fd95664f_scaled.jpg a1918cb2-791b-4c39-ae4e-7d6b4c7d1c95_scaled.jpg 2651a207-664e-4bd5-9504-6705c30eeb56_scaled.jpg

POLYGON MINI - City Pack 1.01 卡通多边形迷你城市建筑模型

POLYGON MINI - City Pack 1.01 卡通多边形迷你城市建筑模型
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.呈现多边形迷你!可爱的微型版我们流行的多边形城市系列
Presenting Polygon mini's! Cute miniature versions of our popular Polygon City Series!
A low poly asset pack of hexagonal tiles, cube tiles, buildings, props, and environment assets to create a hex or cube game in a City/ Town theme.
Modular tiles are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
Includes multiple demo scenes
272 unique assets with x6 alternative texture colors (5 Team colors).

Assets include:
Background Assets
- City skylines

Building Assets
- Houses Buildings
- Apartment Buildings
- Office Buildings
- Hall
- Church
- Stores

Prop Assets
- Air-con units
- Billboards and signs
- External house props
- City Street props
- Park props

Environment Assets
- Trees
- Sea wall
- Rocks
- Clouds
- Walls
- Sewer pipes

Tile Assets
- Hex Road Tiles
- Hex Path Tiles
- Hex Base Tiles
- Cube Road Tiles
- Cube Path Tiles
- Cube Base Tiles

UI Assets
- Coin x2
- Cube Selection x1
- Hex Selection x1
- Icon Skull x1
- Level Path x3
- Level x2
- Location Marker x4
- Numbers (0-9)
- Star x2


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