Modern UI Pack 3.1.1 现代简约UI界面 最新版 

2019-11-12 09:38 发布

Unity3d插件/模型 /[脚本/功能]
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UI.png Modern UI Pack系列索引:

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Modern UI Pack is a clean, minimalistic and stylish UI package for those who want to have better and rich featured UI elements. Everything you see is included in the package, easy to use, fully editable / customizable and documented.

• Animated Icons
• Buttons
• Dropdown
• Horizontal Selector
• Icons
• Input Fields
• Modal Windows
• Multi Selectable Dropdown
• Notifications
• Progress Bars
• Radial Slider
• Sliced Borders
• Sliders
• Switches
• Toggles
• Tooltip System
• UI Manager System

Demo scene included.

Important: Requires TextMesh Pro. Works with both Standard and SRP (LWRP, HDRP) rendering.


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