Simple IAP System 4.3.2 内购虚拟货币系统 

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Simple IAP System 4.3.2

Simple IAP System 4.3.2

Simple IAP System 4.3.2 Simple IAP System系列索引:

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Requires Unity 2017.3.0 or higher.
Simple IAP System (SIS) simplifies In App Purchase management. If you would like to sell in-app products for real money or virtual currency while maintaining a store inventory for your users, we’ve got you covered!

HOT: Steam, Facebook, PayPal and Oculus (Rift & GearVR) platform support. Please see the platform matrix screenshot for all supported stores.
* Simple-to-use IAP Settings Editor
* Real Money & Virtual Currency Purchasing
* Dynamic Shop Layout & Shop Templates
* Unity UI integration
* Localized Online Item Data from the stores
* Item Selection Modes (select/deselect)
* Locked Items based on Player Progress
* Local Storage of IAP Data and custom Data
* Client-Side Receipt Validation
* Virtual Reality sample scene for Oculus

(Optional) Features when using PlayFab:
* Cloud Save for currency & IAP products
* Remotely update your virtual products
* Server-Side Receipt Validation

Supported 3rd party plugins:
* Unity IAP (required)
* Voxel Busters
* Stan's Assets


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