ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.6 VSCode代码自动提示插件 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[编辑器拓展]
插件名称:ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.6插件官网:访问官网
版权协议:Red pine1.1解压密码:通用密码
ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.6

ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.6

ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.6 ShaderlabVSCode系列索引:

ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.2  下载链接
ShaderlabVSCode 1.1.3  下载链接
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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.2.0 or higher.
ShaderlabVSCode is a Visual Studio Code extension for Unity Shaderlab progamming.
shaderlabvscode是用于unity shaderlab编程的visual studio代码扩展
Key Features:
1. Syntax Highlighting
2. Code Completion and Basic Intellisense
3. Hover Information
4. Signature Help
5. Code Snippets
6. Format Document
7. Document Symbols

ShaderlabVSCode have a free version with features limited, we can get from here .
Supports Platforms:
1. macOS
2. Windows
3. Linux

This is Visual Studio Code extension, so VSCode is required.


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