Very Animation 1.1.16 人物角色动画编辑工具 

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插件名称:Very Animation 1.1.16插件官网:访问官网
版权协议:Red pine1.1解压密码:通用密码
Very Animation 1.1.16 Unity修改动画并创建新动画

Very Animation 1.1.16

Very Animation 1.1.16 Very Animation系列索引:

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.7 or higher.这是用于在Unity中编辑动画的资源
Unity 2019.2 Ready

This is an asset for editing animation in Unity.
You can modify animations and create new ones with Unity.
It is possible to directly edit Mecanim Humanoid animation, which is usually difficult to edit with Unity.
Tools such as mirroring animation creation and key frame reduction are also implemented.

- Compatible with editing Humanoid and Generic animation.
- Legacy animation is also supported.
- It supports animation editing while editing Timeline.
- Collada Exporter
- The source code is all C#
- All source code is included


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