uMod 2.0 2.4.9 游戏引擎资源脚本 

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uMod 2.0 2.4.9

uMod 2.0 2.4.9

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Requires Unity 2017.1.0 or higher.
uMod 2.0 is a complete modding solution for the Unity game engine and makes it quick and painless to add mod support to your game. Modders are able to extend to and modify gameplay by creating mods with assets, scripts and even entire scenes, all within the Unity editor. UMOD2.0是Unity游戏引擎的一个完整的模组解决方案,它可以快速、轻松地为游戏添加模组支持
As of version 2.4.0 the uMod Exporter is no longer used. Instead you will build a tailored mod tools package using the mod tools builder.


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