Physics Tank Maker V3.1 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[脚本/功能]
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Version 3.1 supports only Unity 2018.3 or later.
If you need the old versions, please feel free to Contact me.
This asset provides you the main functions of a battle tank as follows.
Driving, Tracks, Wheels, Suspensions,Turret, Aiming, Reticle, Firing, Muzzle Fire, Recoil, Recoil Brake, Bullet, Explosion, Damage, AI.

- Realistic track system
- Ready to use AI system
- Hit-Points damage system
- Weak / Strong points system
- Breakable turret and tracks
- Event system for creating battle scenes
- Various demo scenes
- 12 tank models with PBR textures
- Tons of customizing options
- Illustrated Tutorials

[Included Tanks]
- Cromwell
- Firefly
- Sdkfz 251 (half-track)
- Panzer IV
- Tiger-I
- Morser Karl
- T-34 / 76
- T-34 / 85
- KV-I
- T-35 (multiple turrets)
- Type 89

To use external tank models, you need basic skills of 3D modeling as follows.
- Separate an object into several parts. e.g. Turret >> Turet, Cannon, Barrel
- Combine several objects. e.g. Hull + Skirts + Hatches >> MainBody
- Change the position, rotation and scale.
- Reset the pivot at will.
- Create a simple mesh using primitive objects.
- Export the model into Unity at correct scale and rotation.
Please read Modeling Manual.
Feel free to contact me if you have any issues with importing, rigging, remodeling and so on.
[email protected]

[Upgraded Assets from Version 1.x]
-Four tank models with PBR textures (Panzer IV, T-34/76, T-34/85, Cromwell)
-Improved AI system
-Hit-Points damage system
-Improved event system
-New UI

[Support Website]


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