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Space Combat Kit 2.0
Space Combat Kit 1.21版下载链接!/content/108097!/content/108097 e35e6588-9d67-448d-b8e6-34b0d96e521b_scaled.jpg d863ea09-b8c4-4f9d-b0ff-10ee7a0f2c70_scaled.jpg c471252e-46a3-4762-8591-24938bc5886c_scaled.jpg efa857f4-74f0-44a8-ada2-5dfe7fb3b334_scaled.jpg 456f1d9c-634c-4cb0-9138-ff54397b99ec_scaled.jpg 365cb9e7-d5c8-4c5f-ab16-dcbad95c3c1b_scaled.jpg 97b1d09c-3e31-4516-85c0-80e824453f17_scaled.jpg a9bb33db-2a35-4473-8e56-ecc137c789c1_scaled.jpg 0c3edf21-df01-4c55-8480-26196b36c663_scaled.jpg 00c544a6-a585-46bf-848f-e3f5de22c45d_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.4.2 or higher.太空战斗机-第一人称角色-主力舰-虚拟现实准备
The Space Combat Kit enables you to quickly create anything from a simple arcade space shooter to a sophisticated space sim!
Space Fighters - First Person Characters - Capital Ships - VR Ready! 太空战斗工具包使您能够快速创建任何东西,从一个简单的街机空间射手到复杂的空间模拟
With the flexible space vehicle framework provided, it's easy to create all kinds of ships, weapons, and ship modules, and give your players options for selecting their ship and weapons loadout before fighting it out with exciting AI opponents.


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