Humanoid Control VR 2.2.0 虚拟现实VR人物角色控制系统 

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Humanoid Control VR 2.2.0
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Humanoid Control VR 2.2.0

Humanoid Control VR 2.2.0
Requires Unity 2017.1.5 or higher.仿人控制是下一代人的性格控制。它将为您提供一个轻松设置动画人物在您的环境
Humanoid Control is the next generation of human character control. It will provide you with an effortless setup for having animated characters in your environments.
- Supports all major VR hardware
- Full body rig supporting animations
- Fully configurable controller input
- Gaze/pointing/touching interaction interfaces
- Build-in networking support
- Full physics
Supports Unity version 5.5 - 2019.2.


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