Realistic Car Controller 3.3 汽车辆控制插件 

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Realistic Car Controller 3.3

Realistic Car Controller 3.3

Realistic Car Controller 3.3 Realistic Car Controller系列索引:

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Realistic Car Controller

Realistic Car Controller



Realistic Car Controller 3.3 汽车辆控制插件

Realistic Car Controller 3.3 汽车辆控制插件
Requires Unity 2017.4.3 or higher.
[Leading Features]
* Compatible with Unity 2017, Unity 2018, and Unity 2019. Submitted for each version independently.
* 10 configured vehicle prefabs ready to use,
* +10 Demo Scenes for Presenting Regular Gameplay, Mobile scenes, Photon, Enter/Exit scenes, and more...
* Photon PUN 2 realtime multiplayer support,
* Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,
* Xbox controller support,
* Ability to use plugin with very wide range. Can be used on a toy car, or even truck with trailer,
* Animated driver with vehicle, and Skyline models by 3DMaesen,
* User friendly editor scripts,
* Optimized mesh deformations on collisions,
* Variable ground physics,
* Easy to use, and highly customizable,
* And more...


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