Snaps Art HD|Buried Memories Volume 2:Serekh 1.1 

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Snaps Art HD|Buried Memories Volume 2:Serekh 1.1

Snaps Art HD Buried Memories Volume 2 Serekh 1.1

Snaps Art HD  Buried Memories Volume 2 Serekh 1.1 150c461b-e7b8-4fb3-8031-7b47f0d6cf6e_scaled.jpg 81aefbc5-c1e4-4f97-8fff-dab0831a33ec_scaled.jpg 25aaff4e-4007-4fed-8b82-c13f4602a2f0_scaled.jpg 2e555a0a-7989-443d-818c-04c981eaf479_scaled.jpg 259d2b91-fd33-4187-a0f2-1a9fb2f8abfc_scaled.jpg 905e9e9b-cc49-4734-bb05-976b134635f9_scaled.jpg 38471ac8-108b-40bc-b1dd-c16a813b9832_scaled.jpg 7295392e-f970-482f-9107-584a39e52a87_scaled.jpg b7789a40-ed6f-4430-a3f4-b348be433f2c_scaled.jpg 3324a8a6-312b-4124-8d67-65dfb9df2595_scaled.jpg f0f37a51-06c6-4a13-bab6-001d30319ad4_scaled.jpg cc1558a7-05e4-4165-96eb-82e7240b3310_scaled.jpg ca56bcf4-340e-4408-a9b9-deccdc05890b_scaled.jpg c7684062-14b6-4992-a01f-bc553e7ffb56_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2018.3.6 or higher.
Snaps Art HD asset packs bring your project to life with high-fidelity detail. Snaps Art HD assets include high resolution materials and use the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for photorealistic quality.

Snaps Art HD assets provide access to otherwise hard to produce AAA 3D assets made by veteran artists from the gaming industry. By leveraging HDRP, materials, textures, and additional content, the packs are a great way to learn how high-end productions are made. As with all Snaps packs, the assets in the pack are customizable and modular so creators can use them with other Snaps packs and in their own projects.
This pack is ideal for anyone who wants high-end visuals or is targeting high-end platforms for their game. It is also great for anyone who wants to learn how HDRP assets are made.快照艺术高清资源包括高分辨率材质,并使用高清晰度渲染管道(HDRP)来获得真实感质量
Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh offers a range of assets geared toward an action-adventure game in the sci-fi genre. The pack contains a modular sci-fi lab built from walls, floors, trims, scaffolding, other structural elements, a multitude of props, and a fantastic monster.

Key features
• The Service Area and the Main Chamber – a fully lit environment
• The Arm – a mechanical structure fully rigged, with animation
• The Kirin – a sculpted character fully rigged, with animation
• Two music tracks with audio stem files and a live mixer script

What’s included:
1. High-fidelity character model with easy-to-customize body parts, armor and a weapon; more than 100 animations to mix and match in the animation controller to create unique animations
2. More than 100 3D models of environment and props built in a modular way, with some animations, to allow creative freedom and scalability
3. VFX for mood and tone (atmospherics) of sample scene
4. SFX for character animations, select props, and ambience of environment
5. Custom composed music that is crafted in audio layers to allow the creation of multiple alternate mixes within the editor
6. Low-res prototyping version of the environment
7. High-res concept art

Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh was developed by Edvige Faini, Concept Artist, and a team of highly skilled members of the Unity Icon Collective

We hope to inspire creators to extend their own universe and learn from the techniques of industry veterans.
This is an HDRP package. Compatible with Unity 2018.4.
Due to changes in HDRP, this package currently is not supported in 2019.x.
Works with:
Snaps Prototype | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh


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