Simple City Builder 2.3 简单城市建设益智游戏开发模板 

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Simple City Builder 2.3
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Simple City Builder 2.3

Simple City Builder 2.3
Requires Unity 2019.2.2 or higher.
This is Simple City Builder (SCB) Use SCB to create city building games like many popular games on the mobile market, or any kind of new and original city or town building game. 这是一个简单的城市建设者(scb)使用scb创建城市建设游戏,就像许多在移动市场上流行的游戏,或任何一种新的和原创的城市或城镇建设游戏
- All source code included (c#)
- Unity 2017x support
- uGui only (no other asset required)
- Mobile friendly

Features Detail
- 3D city building framework
- Tile grid ( with grid to snap functionality)
- Basic UI setup
- Camera Controller
- Astar path finding
- Sprite and spritesheet editor
- Attack system
- Wall system
- 9 type of building (Town Hall, Hut, Gold Mine, Gold Storage, Elixir Extractor, Elixir Storage, Barrack, Army Camp)
- uGui base game UI (overlay window, shop window etc,.)
- Sound FX Scripting
- Camera Controller
- Resource Generation + Collection
- And Unity 2019 Compatibility

Works on all platforms
- Android
- iOS (tested iPhone)
- Console
- Desktop PC / Mac Games
With this kit, creating a city building game is easy!

Included with this version
-Sprite editor(included spritesheets animations)
-Item editor (configure items)
-Attack system
-UI Improvements
-Game Store Menu
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