Tank Battle 3D – Unity – Full working source code 

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Tank Battle 3D – Unity – Full working source code


https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/tank-battle-3d-unity-full-working-source-code/ screenshot5bd42570f0dd8.jpg screenshot5bd42551d52ac.jpg screenshot5bd4258e67cea.jpg
Enter a war zone of epic battles with mighty tank! You will win when all of your opponents is destroyed. Use special items to take advantage. It is all about the survival of the fiercest and fastest tank. Are you ready to join the battle?带着强大的坦克进入史诗般战斗的战区!当你所有的对手都被消灭时,你会赢的。利用特殊物品。这一切都是为了生存最凶猛和最快的坦克
*** Tank Battle 3D Features ***
Full 3D tanks, opponents and bosses
Item boost: Speed Up, Coin Magnet, Fast Attack, Protection Shield
Excellent sound and 3D effect.
Shop with upgrade and items
*** How to play ***
Move your tank with the vitual joystick
Click on 4 items on right screen to use items
Your tank will shoot automatically
Click shop or upgrade in game to upgrade your tank directly

What you got when purchase this source:
Full working Unity source code ready to build
Professional customer support, we will help you when you got any errors
We provide email, Skype and direct Team Viewer support if you have a hard time.
– Admob intergrated
– In-App Purchase
– Support Unity 5.3.8
– Easy to re-skin and rebuild with detailed document you just need to change Admob ID and the game is ready to build


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