Animated Steel Coaster 1.52 真实动画过山车含音效 

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插件名称:Animated Steel Coaster 1.52插件官网:访问官网
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Animated Steel Coaster 1.52 带物理动画的过山车
Animated Steel Coaster 1.51版下载链接

Animated Steel Coaster 1.52

Animated Steel Coaster 1.52
Steel rollercoaster with physics based animation.(baked to keyframes)

- open the online documentation for more information
- Drag and drop prefab with controller script for easy adjustment of trains and animation velocity
- Up to three trains with 5 carts.
- Two LOD levels
(~56 tris to ~580 tris per tile)
- Up to ~400k tris
(depends on quality settings)
- Source tracks included
(low and high detail, length: 5 units,
z forward, y up, 10 subdivisions)
- Sound
- Simplified collision meshes


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