Mushroom Monsters 28 蘑菇怪兽模型 PBR怪物模型 

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Mushroom Monsters 28

Mushroom Monsters 28

Mushroom Monsters 28 d3ca455e-d2a5-4d25-bf3f-37ecd5fe8077_scaled.jpg d08f17c0-dff2-4ca8-beca-dd7d583950e2_scaled.jpg 456ec9c6-6ffe-42a7-982c-f68e35521952_scaled.jpg 3262cdfb-f884-4cd8-bed7-7b47c67287ff_scaled.jpg e45a3f72-08b7-4c0d-b94a-5adf7650e780_scaled.jpg bbfaeb8f-1862-4151-9968-63e309aaf597_scaled.jpg 48ac34f6-3f5a-4b61-b22d-457624172889_scaled.jpg 7b29f6ef-74f9-4762-ab88-82fb4b9c9e87_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.1.0 or higher.
Part of PBR Monster Pack #1. Get more characters and Save!

Mushroom Monster PBR is a 2 Meter tall creature. He can be in any one of three static poses, waiting to surprise his opponent, or he can run around attacking and casting spells and even charging. He bashes his enemies with his head, can jump at them to bash them or run straight, head down. He also has a "magic" attack, twisting and slicing his head.

Use the Blend Shapes feature to morph the mesh into countless looks for massive customization.


B Color Smilies



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