CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3 中世纪乡村房屋模型 

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CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3

CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3

CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3

CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3 中世纪乡村房屋模型

CorcraProps - Rustic 1.0.3 中世纪乡村房屋模型



CorcraProps - Rustic

CorcraProps - Rustic 12b844f6-b996-4cff-addb-d4263e9828b2_scaled.jpg 9b6bbb3a-5fa4-49c6-8f9b-e50342d9160c_scaled.jpg 3c78cd94-d506-437b-bea6-a058ec048338_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
Introducing the first in the CorcraProps Series of level props.乡村包包括道具,是完美的自上而下,fps或第三人称游戏的幻想,中世纪,乡村,西部,边远森林或任何适合乡村外观主题
The Rustic pack includes props that are perfect for TopDown, FPS or third person games of a fantasy, medieval, rustic, western, backwoods or anything that fits a rustic look theme.

I started creating these props after being inspired by Adam Goodrich's videos on his wonderful spawning system GeNa. The prefaps should work with his system however I have not been able to test them yet.

All materials are PBR 2K textures.
The models share texture groups to keep the overhead down while still delivering great visual fidelity.

The package comes with 77 meshes, and 92 prefabs.

Meshes are modeled to represent real world scale and should fit seamlessly into Unity if your project is using 1 Unity unit = 1 meter.


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