Snaps Art HD|Construction Site 1.0 建筑工地模型包 

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Snaps Art HD|Construction Site 1.0

Snaps Art HD Construction Site 1.0

Snaps Art HD  Construction Site 1.0

Snaps Art HD|Construction Site 1.0 建筑工地模型包

Snaps Art HD|Construction Site 1.0 建筑工地模型包



Snaps Art HD|Construction Site

Snaps Art HD|Construction Site


 建筑工地 39161a8c-4548-4ea9-9092-9fb6f39e5018_scaled.jpg 6040a913-2dd5-4069-978b-7be4978bb6a8_scaled.jpg 752dbb35-29a0-4a65-8fcf-ad6cf9b7db82_scaled.jpg 89f5f3dd-64c2-4008-8b34-99a5364b0724_scaled.jpg 83b61c9c-7086-4fd1-ac2c-efe121556aee_scaled.jpg 36ecdd01-6edb-4399-8044-0eb7acae96ef_scaled.jpg 6ed20765-b4de-4dd8-bb04-aacbfde4a8f7_scaled.jpg 5bb4462c-2fc1-4775-aa4a-c8c506a910d9_scaled.jpg 1f01e2c7-7949-45bf-a3f5-7a594a1627fb_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2018.4.0 or higher.
Snaps Art HD asset packs bring your project to life with high-fidelity detail. Snaps Art HD assets include high resolution materials and use the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for photorealistic quality. With Snaps Art HD, we provide access to AAA 3D assets made by veteran artists from the gaming industry. By leveraging HDRP, materials, textures, and additional content, the packs are a great way to learn how high-end productions are made. As with all Snaps packs, the assets in the pack are customizable and modular so creators can use them with other Snaps packs and in their own projects.

This pack is ideal for anyone who wants high-end visuals or is targeting high-end platforms for their game. It is also great for anyone who wants to learn how HDRP assets are made.施工现场车辆7种:移动式起重机、叉车、平板车、水泥搅拌车、挖掘机、压路机、推土机
Try Snaps risk-free for 30 days. If any Snaps asset pack doesn’t work with your project, we will give you your money back. For questions or support, please visit the forums or contact support.

Snaps Art HD | Construction Site includes:
A large range of assets (over 100 prefabs), including modular exterior and interior of buildings, props, and vehicles all assembled in a beautifully crafted sample scene.

- 7 types of construction site vehicles: Mobile crane, Forklift, Flatbed truck, Cement mixer, Excavator, Compactor, Earthmover. (15 prefabs)
- All vehicles include separate moving pieces so you can add your own animations or interactions. For example, animations can be added so doors can move and wheels can turn.
- All vehicles have realistic signage.
- Big structural elements like foundation, pillars, walls, floors, beams, scaffolding, crane with a cabin, concrete and stone tanks with supporting systems (frames, pillars, pipes, ladders, conveyors, and storage)
- Infrastructural elements like cabins for construction workers, fences, gates, staircases, lights, barriers, safety signs, and a generator.
- Smaller props and construction materials like pallets of cement and bricks, piles of pipes, beams, wood, oil drums, and a variety of pipes.
- Sample scene.
This is an HDRP package. Compatible with 2018.4.
Due to changes in HDRP, this package currently is not supported in 2019.x.
Works with:
Snaps Prototype | Construction Site
Compatible with:
- Unity Editor 2018.4


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