Daily Rewards 1.3.2 每日定时签到奖励机制插件 

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Daily Rewards 1.3.2

Daily Rewards 1.3.2

Daily Rewards 1.3.2 Daily Rewards系列索引:

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Requires Unity 5.3.5 or higher.
Daily Rewards and Timed Rewards are a great way to increase retention but also helps monetization as players get a sense of the benefit of having more coins/currency within the game.每日奖励和定时奖励是一个很好的方法,以提高保留率,但也有助于货币化,因为玩家得到的好处,有更多的硬币/货币在游戏中
Avoid player cheating by changing the device clock! This asset uses an anti-cheating mechanism that uses a network clock.

• Supports multiple days (even weeks or months)
• Timed rewards feature for a single or multiple rewards per seconds interval
• Mobile ready
• Easy to use
• Easy to integrate
• Portrait and Landscape versions


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