Game Creator 1.0.2 可视化游戏开发制作工具 

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Game Creator 1.0.2

Game Creator 1.0.2 可视化游戏开发制作工具

Game Creator 1.0.2 可视化游戏开发制作工具 Game Creator系列插件:

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2018.4.4 or higher.
Game Creator is a complete tools suite that will help you kickstart your game in a matter of minutes. It empowers artists, designers and programmers with the necessary tools to create games without having to write a single line of code.游戏创造者是一个完整的工具套件,将帮助您在几分钟内启动您的游戏。它使艺术家、设计师和程序员能够使用必要的工具创建游戏,而无需编写一行代码


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