Find Reference 2 2.4.3 

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Find Reference 2 2.4.3
Find Reference 2 1.2.10版下载链接

Find Reference 2 2.4.3

Find Reference 2 2.4.3 fc1c437f-b815-41c1-8068-b4ff3740351d_scaled.jpg ea1f2772-35dd-4388-9535-c5162fd66f52_scaled.jpg e775ae31-ac97-47d7-b837-0de492f1907d_scaled.jpg d721648b-e83e-41df-85ae-948a7e0650ca_scaled.jpg aa4853c5-c218-4236-801d-68af3c4a7942_scaled.jpg 09988013-66f6-400e-971f-5b46c4457918_scaled.jpg 45fa2310-3b5a-4017-aaa1-c55591258ef8_scaled.jpg 3d26df6e-18b9-40b7-b202-68ba4755779f_scaled.jpg
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.1.0 or higher.优化最终构建大小并保持项目干净
Optimize final build size and keep your project clean

What can FR2 do for me?
1. Reduce final build size how?
2. Remove all unused assets how?
3. Merge & remove duplicated assets how?
4. Split big project to smaller modules how?
5. Find where an asset being used how?

- Full support for Nested Prefab
- Fuzzy search, asset type filter, asset grouping & sorting
- Ignore folders, lock selection, multiple panels
- Blazing fast - built for HUGE 100GB+ PROJECTS
- Full C# source code
- Top notch support 24/7
- Works with Unity 5.x, 2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x


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