Catapult Kit 1.0 中世纪弹弓模型 

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Catapult Kit 1.0 弹射器道具模型

Catapult Kit 1.0

Catapult Kit 1.0

Catapult Kit 1.0 中世纪弹弓模型

Catapult Kit 1.0 中世纪弹弓模型


中世纪弹弓模型 00f08d7a-e117-43b1-b9a4-d3391d0d1029_scaled.jpg

Catapult Kit 1.0

Catapult Kit 1.0 90024dcd-e4ac-4491-9081-242822096306_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 4.2.2 or higher.
Catapult Kit
Very Detailed Medieval Catapults. Great for game genre like Tower Defense, mmorpg, strategy etc. Wheels on cannon can be rotated individual, so you can animate it easy. and the same with the thrower arm, pivots are all set. 有四种类型包括,带轮子的弹射器和固体地面弹射器,两种类型都有额外的箭防御装甲等

There are four types included, catapult with wheels, and for solid ground, and both types with extra armor for arrow defense etc.

* Low Poly (1760 Poly - 1879 Verts) (Catapult with wheels, and armor) * 2048x2048 Max Res (Resize if you like) * model is unwrapped and uvw textured.
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