Gradient, Transition and Dissolve Shader Pack 1.3 着色插件 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[着色/阴影]
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Gradient, Transition and Dissolve Shader Pack 1.3

Gradient, Transition and Dissolve Shader Pack

Gradient, Transition and Dissolve Shader Pack daeeb622-eb4b-4d0d-8196-300f9ee6f6fa_scaled.jpg c1192e10-b8ca-423b-8ae5-69ab6d23508d_scaled.jpg 4639dc2c-1fd3-4423-84ab-8df76ee67642_scaled.jpg 207a70ba-3798-41d0-a306-a65d2596f2bb_scaled.jpg 58a50b7e-8a85-4ccf-82e3-55ceb055c0ef_scaled.jpg 22b64e35-efd7-482e-ae0f-087c6068228d_scaled.jpg 8d4ea78c-c32e-41c1-be04-02fb4ad5055c_scaled.jpg 1cb11056-bd43-4742-9937-99e6ffeb0fea_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher.此着色器包包含平滑图像甚至场景转换所需的所有内容
This shader pack contains every you need for smooth image or even scene transition.

Shader Pack grew even stronger. The package now contains CAMERA TRANSITIONS for smooth blending between multiple cameras in the scene. Use all blend effects for camera blending. Sample scene included.
17 Image Transition Shader
Add soft blend between two pictures to your project with 17 unique shaders. Full source included!.

Gradient Shaders
Add beautiful, adjustable color gradients to your project: linear, radial, diagonal, star, polar and bilinear color gradients. Freely customizable colors and angles. Choose between solo gradient or texture with gradient overlay.

Demo scene with animated sunrise gradient included.
Dissolve Gradient Shaders
These shaders allow you to transition between 2 textures or dissolve a single texture. The dissolve is controlled via a grayscale bitmap. Combine the supplied gradients or draw your own for your very special gradients. Demo scene and full source included!

Fire Dissolve Shaders
Dissolve a texture with a fire, acid or energy/electricity effect. These beautiful shaders use the dissolving technique with a configurable Color Ramp. Draw your own ramp for your own special effect. Demo scene and full source included!


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