InControl 1.7.4 游戏开发跨平台输入管理控制插件 

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InControl 1.7.4

InControl 1.7.4

InControl 1.7.4 InControl系列索引:

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Requires Unity 2017.4.3 or higher.
IMPORTANT: Please remove the existing InControl folder when upgrading, and ensure you have a backup of your project.
InControl is a unified, cross-platform input manager for Unity that standardizes mappings for common controllers.
• Xbox 360 controller
• Xbox One controller
• PS3 & PS4 controllers
• PlayStation Vita PSM
• Apple MFi controller (iOS 7+, Apple TV)
• OUYA, Amazon Fire and many more!
• Touch controls
• Keyboard and Mouse
• XInput, with rumble! (Windows)

InControl makes it a snap to add controller support to your game with a simple, powerful API. All the heavy lifting of mappings are handled for you with dozens of controllers handled cross-platform, and more being added continually. Add virtual touch controls, or keyboard mappings to your game with just a few clicks, and have it feed right into the API you're already using as a virtual controller.


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