VR Weapon Interactor 2.6 虚拟现实武器交互器 

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VR Weapon Interactor 2.6

VR Weapon Interactor 2.6

VR Weapon Interactor 2.6 5162e07e-c1f6-4a73-9076-8ef75371782a_scaled.jpg 3ffca883-2b66-4555-b03d-32ee7a73fb5c_scaled.jpg 235c02d3-9967-4e84-b001-17e76711abbc_scaled.jpg 0d8f402e-f547-42a3-827d-aecdd0aea0f0_scaled.jpg f944edd2-f47e-4c4e-9ab9-377d34ecea88_scaled.jpg f4fdc1c9-676c-4b14-bed9-b3416d87a06b_scaled.jpg 9209af1f-2f3f-499e-9fb3-97f618d3a0e6_scaled.jpg f9616d10-8971-4b4e-a000-44195c90dc8a_scaled.jpg 3dbb17e8-8e40-4b9c-9a52-c32e67e1a2ff_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2018.2.0 or higher.
Newest features:
-SteamVR 2 support -FinalIK Hand Poser editor -Added all 22 Chamferzone weapons, excluding the models pre-setup (Check video for reference).
-Added Inventory system
-Added full attachment system
Requires SteamVR and/or Oculus Integration packages
VR Weapon Interactor is comprehensive package of editor extensions and tools for turning your 3D weapon models into working interactable weapons. With no programming knowledge required. This package requires VR Interaction (free asset) that can form a solid base for not only weapons but any kind of holdable interactive item.

Included in this package are all the scripts needed to make a pistol, assault rifle, shotgun or rifle ready to shoot, all the editor scripts to setup and customize your own weapon with sounds and effects, an example scene with shootable targets and a fully setup example weapon along with a setup guide for reference when setting up your own weapon.


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