Vertex Magic 1.6 顶点魔法着色渲染插件 

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Vertex Magic 1.6 顶点动画着色器
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Vertex Magic 1.6

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Requires Unity 5.6.2 or higher.
Vertex magic is a collection of interesting and useful vertex animation shaders. Modern game should get benefit from the powerful modern GPU.顶点魔术是一个有趣和有用的顶点动画着色器的集合。现代游戏应该从强大的现代gpu中获益
1. Trail
Pull vertex to reversed move direction, produce geometry trail at end of rapid moving mesh.
2. Attract
Pull vertex to the position of attractor, produce mesh attracted by black hole effect. There is a bonus post-process black hole shader in package.
3. Flag wave
Simulate wind flag wave, with correct vertex normal and lighting.
4. Bounce
Simulate spring bed hit by force, make wave at the hit point on surface.
5. Pulsate
Alive blood vessel of monster.
6. Popup
Shader based mesh show/hide animation.
7. Liquid
Stylized liquid shader.
Mesh deform based on shader.
Mesh voxelization display shader.
10.Book flip
Book flip animation shader.

Package includes:
- Demo scene that demonstrate all features.
- Corresponding vertex animation shader control scripts.
- Work with built-in standard features.
- Usage guide doc.


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