SpineHitman & SpineGunman - AssetPack v.2018.2 

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插件名称: SpineHitman & SpineGunman - AssetPack v.2018.2插件官网:访问官网
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SpineHitman & SpineGunman - AssetPack v.2018.2


Spine Asset Packs jump-start game development by providing fully rigged Spine skeletons and accompanying art that can be dropped directly into a game. The Spine project files are included, allowing the animations to be customized or new animations to be created as needed. The art can be completely replaced if a different style is required while still making use of all the animations.

While Asset Packs are useful no matter which runtime is used, as a bonus for Unity users each Asset Pack includes a Unity project loaded with features: character controllers, physics integration, sounds effects, and more. This project can provide a game's entire foundation, freeing up resources to focus on gameplay, art, story, and other important aspects.


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