Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset 1.41 纹理材质 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[纹理材质]
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插件名称:Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset 1.41插件官网:访问官网
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Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset 1.41
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Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset 1.41

Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset 1.41 63d4d2c3-2eed-4493-bbbf-e79c9e47d306_scaled.jpg 0a253870-776f-46f2-9606-cddc855d73b0_scaled.jpg 00b43579-c7fe-43b7-bec8-3658b85a213a_scaled.jpg ca2ef59d-0d70-45c7-b5d9-2b2a5203ce85_scaled.jpg e708df5a-f242-40db-87ac-98e8db9a63ad_scaled.jpg 60a14b8f-6987-4d5a-9a47-e49f605429c0_scaled.jpg e137a49a-1f2c-42f3-a8ce-84dbaf170d68_scaled.jpg 85626f35-8629-4c0f-9f7b-7161109ea410_scaled.jpg 5196d307-e772-42b0-ae60-4fdba6c31764_scaled.jpg 340f2afb-3d58-424f-b7b9-40de3dcd9ab5_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.4.0 or higher.一组瓷砖和树绘画/风格化的效果
A set of tiles and trees for creating an Isometric or tilted down colorful game. Ideal for RPG and Isometric styles. All sprites are rendered from high detail painted and textured models, rendered in 45 degree isometric and 45 degree top down.用于创建一个等距或倾斜的彩色游戏。非常适合RPG和等轴测样式。所有精灵都是从高细节绘制和纹理模型渲染的,以45度等距和45度自上而下渲染
NEW! in V1.4: Preview of the top down tiles. Current version for testing only. A complete version is in progress. Moved to Unity 2017.4 to support the new tilemap functionality.

Four styles have been made.
High Resolution Original (All on 8192*8192 texture) - Contains Extra Props

All sprites have been cut and ready to use, an example scene is created.
This pack will have several updates as new tiles and objects are being made they will be added and Painterly/stylised effects will also get an update when all are ready.
Over 750 sprites (includes variations of the same sprite, around 300 unique sprites)


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