VR-Step 1.3 虚拟现实VR运动控制器插件 

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VR-Step 1.3

VR-Step 1.3

VR-Step 1.3
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
VRstep is a drag-and-drop VR controller that lets your players to fully explore VR worlds using their feet without having to use a controller. VR-step provides an accurate method of step detection for Mobile VR platforms (Cardboard/Gear VR/ DayDream) and offers a fully customizable movement controller that translates those steps into virtual motion. vrstep是一个拖放式的vr控制器,可以让你的玩家不使用控制器就可用脚充分探索vr世界。虚拟现实步骤为移动虚拟现实平台(纸板/齿轮虚拟现实/白日梦)提供精确的步骤检测方法,并提供完全可定制的运动控制器,将这些步骤转换为虚拟运动
- increase sales VR-step works on any mobile VR platform and doesn't require your users to buy a controller.
- Immersive various studies have demonstrated that walking-in-place is just as efficient as joystick navigation but offers a much higher presence.
- Reduce cybersickness walking input generates proprioceptive feedback which minimizes a known cause of cybersickness, e.g., the visual/vestibular conflict.
- Usable our plugin is designed to be drag-and-drop, simply put the prefab into your scene and have a fully-functional VR camera and movement system, including collision.
- Adaptable users can move at whatever speed they feel comfortable with by walking more quickly or more slowly.
-Compatibility. the step detector works with any other scripts - just add your functions to the event listener, and you can respond to virtual steps however you want.
- Jumping VR-step allows for jump detection, so users can jump in real life to jump in the game

VR-Step is already available in a number of games but most notable in Gravity Pull; a portal like puzzle game available on IOS and Android. This game already has a 100k downloads and high reviews. VR-step is also available in Jogger - a frogger like running game available on Gear VR and Cardboard.


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