Magnetic Scroll View 滚动视图系统界面滑动 

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Magnetic Scroll View

Magnetic Scroll View

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Magnetic Scroll View

Magnetic Scroll View
Requires Unity 5.5.6 or higher.
Magnetic Scroll View is a Scroll View System that allows the user to scroll panels by swiping
There are four snap modes, these are:
Swipe Mode - In this mode, the users just need to Swipe in one of four directions (UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT), then the next/previous panel will snap to the center.
Snap To Nearest - This will make the closest panel to snap on the center after dragging them.
Both - Work the same way as Swipe mode, but when the swipe is cancelled, the nearest element will snap on the center.
None - This mode allows the user to drag the panels freely.
You can easily choose some settings, according to yours needs:

- Fit the panel size to the viewport or configure the size by yourself.
- Set it to align vertically or horizontally.
- Change Layout mode (Circular or Linear).
- Circular factor to defines how circular the elements will be positioned.
- Set up paddings between panels.
- Add limits to the extremities.
- Invert the elements order of alignment.
- Add margin between element and viewport.
- Enable infinite scrolling that allows to scroll infinitely, going from first to last element and vice versa (Circular Layout Mode only).
- Transition speed.
- Slows down the dragging speed.
- Min and Max Swipe time.
- Add the Swipe events you need.
- Use Buttons.
- Show Index Table.
- Mask viewport.
- Show viewport mask image.

The best thing is you can create a new Magnetic Scroll View by simply clicking in:
GameObject / UI / Magnetic Scroll View


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