JP Ammonite 4.0 人工智能生物动物纹理动画模型 

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JP Ammonite 4.0

JP Ammonite 4.0

JP Ammonite 4.0
Requires Unity 2019.1.1 or higher.
Game ready playable creatures with controllers, scripts and prefab. All creatures come with a complete set of animations, 3 skin textures per model (2048x2048) + 16 eyes textures (128x128). 3 lod levels, with mobile friendly low poly version under 1500 poly.

Included "DinoIsland" scene.
Ready to use "Survival system", damage, health, hunger, thirst and fatigue bar. See also :

Bring your creatures to life ! Artificial Intelligence for all JP creatures.
JP Script Extension - Get more creatures !
Static/In-place animations only. Sound files are NOT included.


B Color Smilies



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