Mesh Animator 1.5.9 

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Mesh Animator 1.5.9
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Mesh Animator 1.5.9

Mesh Animator 1.5.9
Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.
Mesh Animator is a toolset for converting and fully animating characters, animated assets, or any other kind of skinned mesh. On a typical mobile device Mecanim or the legacy animation system can run anywhere from 10-20 full skinned and animated characters on-screen before noticeable framerate loss occurs. With Mesh Animator, 100+ fully animated unique meshes can be displayed on-screen at the same time, and thousands on modern GPU platforms.

Great for animated crowds or vegetation. Get 100x more animated entities on screen with the click of a button!

• Convert assets quickly and easily using the converter.
• Out of the box GPU Instancing Support! (Requires Unity 5.4+)
• Can be controlled using Mecanim, no need to re-write existing code or controllers, just attach a script.
• Supports custom animation events.
• Built with performance in mind, minimal CPU overhead.
• Includes full source code.


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