Shader Control 2.2 着色器编辑器优化工具 

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Shader Control 2.2

Shader Control 2.2

Shader Control 2.2
Requires Unity 5.5.4 or higher.
✓ Remove unwanted shaders & keywords
✓ Reduce build time & app size
Shader Control is a powerful editor extension that gives you full control of shader compilation and keywords usage and their impact in your game. shader control是一个强大的编辑器扩展,可以让您完全控制着色器编译和关键字的使用及其在游戏中的影响
*** Features ***
• New! 'Build View': lists all shaders (including Unity internal shaders) and their keywords. Allows you to exclude any number of shaders and/or keywords from the build process with a single click (requires Unity 2018.2+).
• 'Project View': convenient unified view for all shaders with source code in your project (works with Unity 5/2017/2018 and 2019).
• List shaders and materials in your project using keywords along shader variant count.
• Quickly locate or open any shader in your project.
• Disable/enable any number of keywords per shader with a click. Shader Control can modify the existing shader automatically for you!
• Shows relationship between keywords, shaders and materials.
• Removes materials references to disabled keywords at project level.
• Supports all CG/HLSL shader types.
• Supports single and multi-pass shaders.
• Supports all keyword types.
• Supports global and local keywords.

Has your project exceeded Unity shader keyword limit?
Does your project take ages generating the build?
Do you want to reduce the build size removing unnecessary shader variants?


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