3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 1.1 三维虚拟演播室展厅模型 

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3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 1.1

3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 1.1

3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 1.1

3D虚拟展厅Vol 1是一款中性展厅套件,专为虚拟现实、手机(手机、平板电脑)和Mac/PC设计 ...

3D虚拟展厅Vol 1是一款中性展厅套件,专为虚拟现实、手机(手机、平板电脑)和Mac/PC设计 ...




3D虚拟展厅 338ea182-254c-4f65-8df5-a942ab2aaa9a_scaled.jpg 336d6a25-52a6-40bc-9f2a-6ca7e4f2d423_scaled.jpg 37f18bdc-4c4c-476b-8159-600e51e9156c_scaled.jpg 12a132d0-f9aa-41c0-bb14-f740409f4888_scaled.jpg 4dde262f-ae0b-4b22-8051-bb9e1af53eb9_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher.
3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 is a neutral showroom kit package made for VR and mobiles (phones, tablets) and Mac/PC. 3D虚拟展厅Vol 1是一款中性展厅套件,专为虚拟现实、手机(手机、平板电脑)和Mac/PC设计

Package included into the bundle :
★ 3D VR Bundle 01 ★
The kit include 42 meshes and 72 prefabs, and you can configure each elements, or setup the showroom colors for your need!
You can create corridor or big rooms separated with walls and columns, with any size you want!
PBR textures and ID maps provided (Diffuse, AO, Metal , Illum, Normal), to create your own textures.

Nothing is frozen! And you can setup your own virtual showroom for VR applications, games, or interactive demos and products presentation (painters? photographers? artists?).
The scene is provided into the pack. Unity 5 realtime global illumination screenshot...


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    3D Virtual Showroom Vol 1 1.1 三维虚拟演播室展厅模型


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